Adele’s Rise to Fame


Adele Laurie Blue Adkins is a singer and songwriter who is popularly known amongst her fans as Adele. She is 27 years old and was born in Tottenham, London, England to an English mother and a welsh father. From an early age she was encouraged by her parents and other people around her to explore her music talent which was evident. Adele’s rise to fame came in 2006 after a friend posted her demo on Myspace. From the popularity of the demo she got a contract with XL Recordings and on the following year she went ahead to win a number of music awards.

Adele released her debut album in 2008 and its title was ’19’. This album went ahead to become a double platinum in the USA and seven times platinum in the UK. She also received the best pop vocal performance and the best new artist awards in the 2009 Grammy awards. Her second album was titled ’21’ and was released in early 2011. This album even surpassed the success of the first album where the singer/songwriter won different awards including six Grammy awards in the year 2012. In the USA this album held the top position longer than any other album since 1985 and it sold more than thirty one million copies worldwide.

Her third album was titled ’25’ and it was released in late 2015. This album debuted at number one in most of the major music markets all over the world and this further contributed to Adele’s rise to fame. It also broke the first week sales records in both the USA and the UK. The lead single in this album was titled ‘Hello’ and it became the first song to sell more than one million digital copies after a week of its release in the USA. With her music success she was named as one of the most influential people in the world by the Time magazine. She is also one of the best selling recording artists in the world.

She started dating Simon Konecki in 2011 and in 2012 they had a son. She was quoted saying that becoming a parent was one of the best things to ever happen in her life. She said that parenthood gave her a purpose to live. As a celebrity she always creates time to be with her son and she has even sued a certain photo agency which compromised the privacy of her son through leaking photos of her and her son during a family outing. She gained some weight and there were concern over this because most people believe that female celebrities need to remain skinny. But she said she does not have a problem with her weight provided she remains healthy and her partner is not complaining.

Adele’s music style has played an important part in her success. She writes lyrics with a certain message which many people can relate to. She also sings in a way that it is easy to sing a long and as a result many people understand her songs easily. She also has a likeable character where she seems humble but confident. This has made her a role model amongst many girls all over the world who sees her as an ordinary girl unlike most celebrities who are flashy and exotic. Therefore, Adele’s rise to fame has been steady and her popularity is expected to increase even further in the future.


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Eight Classic Rock Albums You Don’t Know But Should

There are plenty of great classic rock albums that you deserve to check out. These aren’t as popular as some others and many of the bands listed here have released much bigger albums but they are still great diamonds worth hearing.

Bruce Springsteen – Darkness On the Edge of Town

The follow-up to Born to Run, the Boss wrote this album about people who are on various sides of their towns. The album is heavily inspired by his home state of New Jersey and has a raw sound, vibrantly alight with an almost-solar energy, that is still unmatched.

Songs to hear: Adam Raised a Cain, Candy’s Room, the Promised Land

Fleetwood Mac – Tusk

This album was the follow-up to Rumours and was notorious for costing an extremely high amount of money to record. It was also notorious for how it was recorded while various members of the band were engaged in some complicated romantic relationships. Still, Lindsey Buckingham’s use of strong new wave influences and the atmospheric sounds of Christine McVie’s tracks make it a classic.

Songs to hear: What Makes You Think You’re the One, Sisters of the Moon, I Know I’m Not Wrong, Beautiful Child

Rush – A Farewell To Kings

Released in 1977, this album mixes the atmospheric sounds of the band’s earlier albums while looking towards the band’s future move to a more electronic-inspired sound. The blend of these sounds is impressive while Neil Peart’s lyrics have some significant Coleridge influences to them.

Songs to hear: Xanadu, Closer to the Heart, Cinderella Man

Steely Dan – Aja

This album from the Dan is more jazz-inspired than many other albums from the band. The album itself is heavily orchestrated and yet still has a loose feeling to it. Walter Becker’s guitar solos are especially worth hearing.

Songs to hear: Aja, Deacon Blues, Josie

Alice Cooper – School’s Out

The original bad boy of rock music, this album is heavily inspired by the bratty and tough attitudes of teen life, even including a segment of a song from the musical West Side Story. The album is a classic about coming of age. The original vinyl even plays with the theme as it opens up like a school desk (some copies had a pair of panties in them too).

Songs to hear: School’s Out, My Stars, Alma Mater

Traffic – The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys

Steve Winwood and company continued to bring their taste of jazz fusion on this album. The album, which has Jim Capaldi play vocals on a few songs, has a strong jazz influence to it.

Songs to hear: The Low Spark of High-Heeled Boys, Many a Mile to Freedom, Rainmaker

Chicago – Chicago II

This second album from the classic band features a series of multi-song medleys although this might have been due to their record label telling them to keep the songs shorter from what they had on their first album. Terry Kath’s guitar is highlighted throughout much of the album while the band’s early political influences can be heard in many of the songs.

Songs to hear: In the Country, Colour My World, 25 or 6 to 4, Where Do We Go From Here

The Moody Blues – To Our Children’s Children’s Children

One of the godfathers of progressive rock, the Moodies’ third album was heavily inspired by the 1969 moon landing and also about how children are often the ones that will carry the torch forward well into the future. The album is highlighted by its atmospheric sound that can be heard all over.

Songs to hear: Higher and Higher, Out and In, Gypsy




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Pop Albums for Your Every Mood

Breaking Benjamin – Dark Before Dawn:

After 6 years of battling with health and legal problems, the band returns with an alt- metal rock. They have done some few changes especially on their sound, but the ability to move their fans to new levels remains intact.

Alone in the Universe – ELO

The one man band and by gone international superstar has made his long awaited return into the music scene with a new album, Alone in the Universe. The veteran rocker has spent his years since the original Electric Light Orchestra’s official demise in relative silence, popping up only for the occasional producer credit on other rock ’n roll cohorts’ albums and for an album of his favorite childhood covers in 2012. Each song in this album features every instrument and can strike resemblance to his old sense

25- Adele

The ever lively talented singer and songwriter Adele makes a sensational comeback after recovering from a harrowing set of vocal chord operations. Her piece of masterpiece consists of sweet and sleek collection of brutally melodic love songs. She has achieved all this by incorporating the wonderful services of a producer who knows how to produce modern pop record with enough soul and memorable hooks.

Rebel Heart -Madonna

This album was scheduled to be released in the summer of 2014. It contains a whopping 19 tracks with 75 minutes of play. In “Holy Water” and Body Shop, Madonna uses an erotica-era taboo busting sleeeze and feather light pop. Living For Love involves use of classic disco at the opening, later exploding into decibel shattering pulse. The fact that Madonna has done some collaboration with Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and other modern superstars shows in this album shows her unyielding need for control. Allowing her past to mingle with her present so effortlessly makes her a legend in pop music.

Delirium-Ellie Goulding

In this album, Ellie Goulding tries to minimize on the atmosphere created by balanced catchy pop hooks with textural electronic sounds capes unlike in the previous experimental Halcyon, produced in 2012. However, this album has a mainstream tone with added melodically catchy set of RnB songs. This was achieved by use of services of uber-pop producers and songwriters like Max Martin, carl Falk and many others. The wonderful combination of goulding’s distinctive voice and ecstatic RnB songs on this album makes it captivating to listen to.

Piano Island Is Buring – Jesse Lacey

This is one of the best pop-punk to ever have been produced. Its lyrics shows how this young is eager to make a mark in the music scene.

By then, they were still a young band trying to make a mark in the music industry. This can be highlighted by subjects they sing about like sexual fantasies, exes and small feuds. This is before cold realities of adulthood could set in. if you are looking for an album that portrays that youth energy and vigor then you are advised to go for this one.

With music, there is no limit to the number of fans one can get as long as they continue to produce quality albums.

Here is one of the music videos for the Breaking Benjamin album that we mentioned above.  Take a look!

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Classical Review of the Great Pablo Diemecke

Pablo Diemecke is one of my favourite artists who has won Grammy awards for his music worldwide. His classical album for Latin music is second to none. He has actually been the recipient of the Latin Grammy Awards and has won an award every single year that he has attended this awards ceremony. His major contribution is in promoting awareness of cultural diversity and contributing to Latin musicians worldwide. Pablo has won Grammy award nominations as well in 2002. He was the former music director of Orchestra Des Concerts and the Royal Oak String Ensemble. His solo engagements take him through North America and Europe.

His greatest latin classical record is Musica Latina Selecta. He teaches a variety of instruments including violin, viola, and cello. Some of his greatest classical recordings include concertos by Prokofiev, and Mozart concertos 2, 3, and 4th. He also loves to play Dvorak and Carlos Chavez who are on his latest classical latin cd. I love his music, it is powerful evoking, and he truly plays with all of his heart and soul. He is also a true industry leader, inspiring young people everywhere to love music. Pablo Diemecke has a presence both in Mexico and Victoria, British Columbia for teaching, leading, mentoring, inspiring, and playing wonderful music. He teaches all age groups and all skill levels. He is a violin master and the sounds of his strings are finely tuned to perfection. When you hear his music, it almost inspires you to want to play music also. It is incredibly uplifting, feeds the soul and sounds like waves on the water and beaches coming from his Mexican heritage and world wide travels. Pablo Diemecke is a master of the art of violin and musical resonance.

There is no other concert that you will enjoy more than his when it comes to classical and Latin violin artwork and music. His music transcends other sounds, with vibrant colours, emotional overtones, uplifting melodies, vibrational harmonics, and more. His music pierces deep into your heart and moves any emotions from there from laughter, joy, to tears, even anger, and sadness. It helps you to be in touch with everything and all that you are and helps you to reach the skies and even deep down inside of your heart. His music is extraordinary. It is also well captured in his CDs. His Latin Classico CD is wonderful because he plays tunes that learned from his hometown in Mexico growing up. It is real, raw, authentic, and beautiful. You almost feel as if you are transported directly to Latin America no matter where you are listening to it from.

Pablo’s music is unforgettable and a concert with him is an unforgettable experience that is worthy of your time and money to go to listen to. It is life changing auditory stimulation for the senses. If you love great food, sensual sights, and sounds, you will love the many hues and shades of emotion in his playing. He has mastered the instrument like no other.

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Review of Compton by Dr Dre

Compton by Dr. Dre is most definitely one of the best albums in recent times. The hip hop legend that is Andre Young has definitely come a long way from the streets of Compton to become one of the most renowned hip hop producers of our time. He has molded the careers of many artists including 50 cent and Kendrick Lamar, and one can feel this struggle, the story behind his success and struggle in the album. The messages that Dr. Dre conveys in the album is nothing short of raw.

Compton is most definitely one of the best works to have ever come from the Compton. Andre Young decided to include a host of artists on his album. He included a number of artists who he helped make their careers and a number of upcoming artists whom were nothing short of spectacular in the album. Some of the most renowned acts to be included in the album include Eminem, Snoop Dog, Ice Cube and fellow Comptonian Kendrick Lamar. These hip hop heavy weights who have been in the game for a long time helped shape the album to give it a hint of the raw hardcore gangster rap that was a common sound with the late 80’s rap group NWA that Dr. Dre was a part of. Other artists who contributed to the album included Anderson Paak, Justus, BJ The Chicago Kid and Marsha Ambrosius. These artists all gave the album its unique sound.

Compton’s production is nothing short of spectacular. You can tell that Dr. Dre did a marvelous job on the album’s production. You can tell this straight from the album’s intro which honestly, is one of the most unique and outstanding intros to any hip hop album. It combined a bit of genius, wit and skill in its production to come up with such an intro. The album’s production was done in such a way that it appears that all the songs appear to be intertwined. Each song seamlessly overlaps into the next song making it seem like the whole song is one long narrative tackling several issues. Compton also proves to be the most explicitly political album. The album features voices of people who seem to be drowning which seem to depict the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Throughout the album, Dr. Dre’s rhyming skills are as impressive as ever. Clearly, the near-billionaire’s rhyming skill hasn’t been slowed down by age. He still has his familiar stentorian boom and hoarse snarls. It is clear that some of his protégés such as Eminem and Kendrick Lamar picked this particular trait from him. The message that Young seems to be conveying through the album seems to be contradictory. For instance in “Animals” he says that he is a product of the system and raised on government aid, on the other hand, he says that anyone who complains about their circumstances lost him on “Darkside”, depicting that one’s circumstances don’t determine their future.

All in all, for a record that has been a long time coming, 16 years to be exact, this is a masterpiece from Dr. Dre. It has all the elements of both gangster rap and G funk that he pioneered. Compton is an album that is a masterpiece.


For someone else’s take on this same album take a look at this:




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Top 10 Songs of Summer 2017

We all have a different opinion on what the best music is.  Check out this video with’s ideas on what the best songs are for summer 2017.

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