Review of Compton by Dr Dre

Compton by Dr. Dre is most definitely one of the best albums in recent times. The hip hop legend that is Andre Young has definitely come a long way from the streets of Compton to become one of the most renowned hip hop producers of our time. He has molded the careers of many artists including 50 cent and Kendrick Lamar, and one can feel this struggle, the story behind his success and struggle in the album. The messages that Dr. Dre conveys in the album is nothing short of raw.

Compton is most definitely one of the best works to have ever come from the Compton. Andre Young decided to include a host of artists on his album. He included a number of artists who he helped make their careers and a number of upcoming artists whom were nothing short of spectacular in the album. Some of the most renowned acts to be included in the album include Eminem, Snoop Dog, Ice Cube and fellow Comptonian Kendrick Lamar. These hip hop heavy weights who have been in the game for a long time helped shape the album to give it a hint of the raw hardcore gangster rap that was a common sound with the late 80’s rap group NWA that Dr. Dre was a part of. Other artists who contributed to the album included Anderson Paak, Justus, BJ The Chicago Kid and Marsha Ambrosius. These artists all gave the album its unique sound.

Compton’s production is nothing short of spectacular. You can tell that Dr. Dre did a marvelous job on the album’s production. You can tell this straight from the album’s intro which honestly, is one of the most unique and outstanding intros to any hip hop album. It combined a bit of genius, wit and skill in its production to come up with such an intro. The album’s production was done in such a way that it appears that all the songs appear to be intertwined. Each song seamlessly overlaps into the next song making it seem like the whole song is one long narrative tackling several issues. Compton also proves to be the most explicitly political album. The album features voices of people who seem to be drowning which seem to depict the killings of Michael Brown and Eric Garner.

Throughout the album, Dr. Dre’s rhyming skills are as impressive as ever. Clearly, the near-billionaire’s rhyming skill hasn’t been slowed down by age. He still has his familiar stentorian boom and hoarse snarls. It is clear that some of his protégés such as Eminem and Kendrick Lamar picked this particular trait from him. The message that Young seems to be conveying through the album seems to be contradictory. For instance in “Animals” he says that he is a product of the system and raised on government aid, on the other hand, he says that anyone who complains about their circumstances lost him on “Darkside”, depicting that one’s circumstances don’t determine their future.

All in all, for a record that has been a long time coming, 16 years to be exact, this is a masterpiece from Dr. Dre. It has all the elements of both gangster rap and G funk that he pioneered. Compton is an album that is a masterpiece.


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