Pop Albums for Your Every Mood

Breaking Benjamin – Dark Before Dawn:

After 6 years of battling with health and legal problems, the band returns with an alt- metal rock. They have done some few changes especially on their sound, but the ability to move their fans to new levels remains intact.

Alone in the Universe – ELO

The one man band and by gone international superstar has made his long awaited return into the music scene with a new album, Alone in the Universe. The veteran rocker has spent his years since the original Electric Light Orchestra’s official demise in relative silence, popping up only for the occasional producer credit on other rock ’n roll cohorts’ albums and for an album of his favorite childhood covers in 2012. Each song in this album features every instrument and can strike resemblance to his old sense

25- Adele

The ever lively talented singer and songwriter Adele makes a sensational comeback after recovering from a harrowing set of vocal chord operations. Her piece of masterpiece consists of sweet and sleek collection of brutally melodic love songs. She has achieved all this by incorporating the wonderful services of a producer who knows how to produce modern pop record with enough soul and memorable hooks.

Rebel Heart -Madonna

This album was scheduled to be released in the summer of 2014. It contains a whopping 19 tracks with 75 minutes of play. In “Holy Water” and Body Shop, Madonna uses an erotica-era taboo busting sleeeze and feather light pop. Living For Love involves use of classic disco at the opening, later exploding into decibel shattering pulse. The fact that Madonna has done some collaboration with Nicki Minaj, Kanye West and other modern superstars shows in this album shows her unyielding need for control. Allowing her past to mingle with her present so effortlessly makes her a legend in pop music.

Delirium-Ellie Goulding

In this album, Ellie Goulding tries to minimize on the atmosphere created by balanced catchy pop hooks with textural electronic sounds capes unlike in the previous experimental Halcyon, produced in 2012. However, this album has a mainstream tone with added melodically catchy set of RnB songs. This was achieved by use of services of uber-pop producers and songwriters like Max Martin, carl Falk and many others. The wonderful combination of goulding’s distinctive voice and ecstatic RnB songs on this album makes it captivating to listen to.

Piano Island Is Buring – Jesse Lacey

This is one of the best pop-punk to ever have been produced. Its lyrics shows how this young is eager to make a mark in the music scene.

By then, they were still a young band trying to make a mark in the music industry. This can be highlighted by subjects they sing about like sexual fantasies, exes and small feuds. This is before cold realities of adulthood could set in. if you are looking for an album that portrays that youth energy and vigor then you are advised to go for this one.

With music, there is no limit to the number of fans one can get as long as they continue to produce quality albums.

Here is one of the music videos for the Breaking Benjamin album that we mentioned above.  Take a look!



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