Classical Review of the Great Pablo Diemecke

Pablo Diemecke is one of my favourite artists who has won Grammy awards for his music worldwide. His classical album for Latin music is second to none. He has actually been the recipient of the Latin Grammy Awards and has won an award every single year that he has attended this awards ceremony. His major contribution is in promoting awareness of cultural diversity and contributing to Latin musicians worldwide. Pablo has won Grammy award nominations as well in 2002. He was the former music director of Orchestra Des Concerts and the Royal Oak String Ensemble. His solo engagements take him through North America and Europe.

His greatest latin classical record is Musica Latina Selecta. He teaches a variety of instruments including violin, viola, and cello. Some of his greatest classical recordings include concertos by Prokofiev, and Mozart concertos 2, 3, and 4th. He also loves to play Dvorak and Carlos Chavez who are on his latest classical latin cd. I love his music, it is powerful evoking, and he truly plays with all of his heart and soul. He is also a true industry leader, inspiring young people everywhere to love music. Pablo Diemecke has a presence both in Mexico and Victoria, British Columbia for teaching, leading, mentoring, inspiring, and playing wonderful music. He teaches all age groups and all skill levels. He is a violin master and the sounds of his strings are finely tuned to perfection. When you hear his music, it almost inspires you to want to play music also. It is incredibly uplifting, feeds the soul and sounds like waves on the water and beaches coming from his Mexican heritage and world wide travels. Pablo Diemecke is a master of the art of violin and musical resonance.

There is no other concert that you will enjoy more than his when it comes to classical and Latin violin artwork and music. His music transcends other sounds, with vibrant colours, emotional overtones, uplifting melodies, vibrational harmonics, and more. His music pierces deep into your heart and moves any emotions from there from laughter, joy, to tears, even anger, and sadness. It helps you to be in touch with everything and all that you are and helps you to reach the skies and even deep down inside of your heart. His music is extraordinary. It is also well captured in his CDs. His Latin Classico CD is wonderful because he plays tunes that learned from his hometown in Mexico growing up. It is real, raw, authentic, and beautiful. You almost feel as if you are transported directly to Latin America no matter where you are listening to it from.

Pablo’s music is unforgettable and a concert with him is an unforgettable experience that is worthy of your time and money to go to listen to. It is life changing auditory stimulation for the senses. If you love great food, sensual sights, and sounds, you will love the many hues and shades of emotion in his playing. He has mastered the instrument like no other.

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